Vegan food is in vogue in England. Çiğköftem has long offered vegan products. Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our products.

Çiğköfte is a very old dish. The people of the Mesopotamia region have always kept this centuries-old dish alive. Partly with new interpretations and often faithful to the original, this dish is a perennial favorite. It is created when the valuable and natural ingredients of bulgur (wheat), tomato paste, paprika pulp, numerous spices, ground nuts and other ingredients come together and are kneaded with diligence to form the typical Çiğköfte mixture. A large piece is then pressed into small Çiğköfte meatballs as desired and eaten.

Due to the fact that the Çiğköfte are kneaded by hand, they have a typical shape. You can see the imprints of the fingers of the kneader. At the same time, this process at Çiğköftem naturally takes place exclusively under hygienic conditions and with gloves. Thus, we can guarantee full hygiene.

According to the traditional recipe, tartar, the finest minced meat, is also added to the mixture. However, for both health and hygiene reasons, we do not use meat in Çiğköftem and prepare our Çiğköfte 100% vegan. This is for the good of the animals, for the good of the environment and for the good of the customers. 😉

Yes, Çiğköfte is absolutely healthy and especially with Çiğköftem even more beneficial. Because we do not use tartar meat, that is, raw meat. This ensures that no dangerous salmonellae get into our products. Moreover, our Çiğköfte is rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber as well as healthy spices such as mint, cumin, allspice, paprika powder, coriander hot bell pepper flakes (optional).

The main ingredient is bulgur, which is wheat. Of course, only the best selection goes into our Çiğköfte. Thus, we guarantee this incomparable taste at Çiğköftem. Oh, and let’s not forget the lemon, which we squeeze onto the Çiğköfte with vigor. With each sour drop, our favorite dish becomes tastier, fresher and more appetizing. Then top with a few drops of our delicious pomegranate sauce. Simply irresistibly delicious. The author of these lines is already mouth watering 😉

One Çiğköfte at Çiğköftem has 242 calories (kcal) per 100 grams, 11 grams of fat, 3.3 grams of saturated fat, 5.1 grams of protein, carbohydrates 27.6 grams, of which sugar 4.5 grams, 0.6 grams of salt, 5.3 grams of fiber.

There is minimal difference in nutritional values between a spicy and low spicy Dürüm or Wrap. One wrap (hot) has 1540 kj and 368 kcal, 14.8 grams of fat (including 4.3 grams of saturated fat), 45.4 grams of carbohydrates (including 5 grams of sugar), 7.9 grams of protein, and 1.18 grams of salt.

A less spicy version has 1560 kj and 360 kcal. With 12 grams, the less spicy version gets by with a total of 2 grams less fat. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is also lower at 3.34 grams. In this version, there is slightly more carbohydrate content (of which sugar 4.95 grams) with 51.34 grams, 8 grams of protein and 1.28 grams of salt.

At Çiğköftem, we take care to maintain the highest level of hygiene in all stages of production, thus assuring our customers an incomparable taste experience. Our warranty is insured with various internationally valid certificates.

In addition, our products must always get from the production plant to our numerous stores. For this, a cold chain must be maintained, which requires special sensitivity and professional logistics. High standards must also be met in the supply chain. We as Çiğköftem are proud of our high standards with more than 100 stores in Europe.

If desired, Çiğköfte can be eaten hot at Çiğköftem. If this spiciness is still not enough, you can add spicy flakes to taste or use our hot sauce. Simply delicious!

The exact origin of Çiğköfte is almost as unclear as the question of the exact day of the Big Bang. Little inside joke. Of course, there are historians who rely on certain clues, but finding a day zero is impossible. However, there is agreement that Çiğköfte is said to have been invented by the Prophet Abraham. Because Nimrod wanted to throw Abraham into the fire, he is said to have collected all the wood. Abraham’s wife had then kneaded the meat of a deer with the wheat until the first Çiğköfte meatballs were created as an edible dish. So the origin possibly goes back thousands of years.

At Çiğköftem, the Çiğköfte is 100% vegan. But basically Çiğköfte can be prepared with meat, vegetarian and vegan.

The term “vegan” refers to the exclusive consumption of a plant-based diet. Anything animal is definitely not used. Yes, this includes things like honey, dairy products, and eggs!

According to the old traditional recipe, meat goes into the Çiğköfte. But we do without meat. Our version is vegan!

A Çiğköfte consists of bulgur, which is shredded wheat, tomato paste, paprika paste, pomegranate syrup, dye (E150 d), optional spicy, salt, dried onion, dried garlic, sweet paprika, black bell pepper, cumin, coriander, allspice, ginger, chili pepper, Çiğköfte spice mix (carrot, celery, leek, radish, tomato, red capia pepper, various dried vegetables).

The traditional recipe, on the other hand, needs minced meat, preferably tartar quality. For this purpose, a Çiğköfte is refined with pomegranate syrup on top and/or citric acid.

All known soft drinks as well as juices go quite well with Çiğköfte. But if you’ve ordered spicy Çiğköfte and need to cool down, the popular yogurt drink Ayran will help. Ayran and Çiğköfte is a dream duo. Try it out and see for yourself.

For a real kick, you may well drink the juice of pickled beets with Çiğköfte. Sour, spicy, vinegary and with a kick. But healthy and for those who like it, a real delicacy.

A Çiğköfte at Çiğköftem consists of the following ingredients:

Bulgur (grain), tomato paste, paprika paste, salt, dried onion, dried garlic, sweet paprika, black bell pepper, cumin, coriander, allspice, ginger, chili pepper, Çiğköfte spice mix (carrot, celery, leek, radish, tomato, red capia pepper, various dried vegetables).

As a result, a Çiğköfte contains the allergens gluten-containing cereals (allergen A) and celery (allergen L).


Çiğköftem is a particularly fair franchisor. Because we are a true partner and also view our franchisees' business from precisely this perspective. What a store earns should belong to the store. We don't share in the sales, don't earn more if a store is more successful. Our attractive working models are paired with our professional approach and modern marketing methods. The Çiğköftem store concept is also contemporary and brings great joy to our partners.

Çiğköftem has opened more than 400 stores worldwide. With 110 branches throughout Europe, we have a particularly strong presence on this continent!

Çiğköftem is a particularly profitable business model. To open a branch, you need about 30,000 euros to 50,000 euros. This budget includes the license fee, the modern and extensive store equipment, the first products for sale, packaging materials and possible renovation.

Çiğköftem is fair and wants partners to benefit immediately. Therefore, in the interest of our partners, we waive ongoing license fees and also a share of sales. No matter how successful our partners are. Your success should be yours. And that 100 percent !

All you need to do is contact us and submit your initial application documents. That’s it. Our professional staff will take care of the rest.

Who has a Çiğköftem store wants to open needs about 30,000 euros. Not included in this price are possible renovations at the respective location. The 30,000 euros includes the first delivery with the main product and mobiliare equipment of the store.

This is an important question. Easily answered for us: 0 euros. Yes, for the benefit of our partner businesses, we waive an unfair commission, or revenue share.


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